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When you translate language files, it is convenient to use Xtrans module.
Xtrans module make difference language definitions list between base language(ex. english) and target language(ex. ja_utf8).

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Condition anchor.png Edit

You select module name(directory name), base language, target language.

Root Path
If the module use XOOPS_TRUST_PATH so language files are in XOOPS_TRUST_PATH, check this.
Select the module's directory name. Installed modules are listed here.
base language
Input the base language name(ex. english).
target language
Input the target language name(ex. ja_utf8).
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Result anchor.png Edit

You can see the lacked language definitions in target language files compared to base language files.
Xtrans' function is end at this point.
Then you copy the list, paste to target language file, and translate it.


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