4: 2010-02-16 (Tue) 14:24:44 kusuchin source Edit Backup No.4 as current. 5: 2017-04-26 (Wed) 16:59:55 Phyllisencug(Phyllisencug)[TA..0IiRnQI] source Edit Backup No.5 as current.
Line 37: Line 37:
 $this->mFieldProperties['length'] = new XCube_FieldProperty($this);  $this->mFieldProperties['length'] = new XCube_FieldProperty($this);
-***Language Files [#y0a46da5] +wh0cd406487 <a href=http://viagraprice2017.com/&gt;viagra price comparison<;/a&gt;
--Generated code has minimum language definitions +
--{xoops_trust_path}/modules/{modulename}/language/english/main.php +
--{xoops_trust_path}/modules/{modulename}/language/english/modinfo.php +
-Before: +
-&nbsp;define('_MD_TNEWS_LANG_TITLE', 'TITLE'); +
-After: +
-&nbsp;define('_MD_TNEWS_LANG_TITLE', 'News Title');+
***Template Files [#q2fba8e3] ***Template Files [#q2fba8e3]

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