Tubsonp is XOOPS Cube Legacy Module Creator. You can creat a module you want in FIVE MINUTE without PHP skill !

How to Creat your module ?

1) Add a Module
From TubsonP top(http://xoopsdev.com/modules/tubsonp/), click a link 'Add a new Module' and input your module name
2) Add Tables
Add at least one table in your module
3) Add Fields
Add at least one field in the table. Each table must contain ONE Primary Key.
4) Create Module
From your module view, click a link 'Create Module'.
5) Download Module
From your module view, click a link 'Download Module'
6) Install and Access
After installing as XOOPS Module, access url {XOOPS_URL}/modules/{modulename}/index.php?action={Tablename}List.
ex) http://xoopsdev.com/modules/tnews/index.php?action=NewsList, in case modulename Tnews and Table name News.
Add a new Module

Module List

TITLE Ascending order Descending order User Name Ascending order Descending order POSTTIME Ascending order Descending order CONTROL
mTest nishikata 2012/10/26 13:37:21
Sukoyaka cd30301 2012/11/14 16:10:17
cardb loversoul 2013/8/8 18:25:31
kdadmin koji 2013/8/30 14:36:36
themaker_blankPage funtags 2013/10/4 3:47:41
webToFacebook umoto 2013/10/5 16:11:54
stockengine takajyun00 2013/10/16 7:32:28
Field Testing funtags 2013/10/19 17:48:30
another Test funtags 2013/10/20 1:16:25
Um funtags 2013/10/20 16:23:21
onetwothree funtags 2013/10/22 20:19:42
news maru5 2014/1/30 10:50:07
test nakachan 2014/1/31 13:19:50